Heavy Haul

Head of the Pack Transport, LLC has a vast network of resources to transport just about any item you wish to move. Heavy Haul trucking, which is also referred to as oversize, overweight, over-dimensional or a super-load, is our specialty and it is explained below.

Heavy Haul and Super-loads are items that exceed the normal size requirements for the roads in the United States and Canada and require special handling. Depending on the exact specifications of the Heavy Haul load there are permits, escorts, pilot cars, pole cars, border-crossing paperwork, tank purging, re-routing, crane loading/unloading, extendable trailers, multi-axle trailers and other technical challenges that have to be considered. Knowledge and experience is the key factor to a successful and timely Heavy Haul or oversized shipment.

Some of the items we have shipped in the past include, boats, I-beams, piping, tractors, combines, dozers, wheel loaders, forklifts, light towers, earth movers, excavators, dump trucks, buses, cranes, generators, grinders, manufactured homes, planes, helicopters, mining equipment, transformers and wind turbines. The type of truck needed for the transport is determined by the actual load and can range from a 53 foot flatbed or step deck to a multi-axle lowboy or extendable RGN. Head of the Pack Transport can arrange all logistics for the most challenging shipments from start to finish.

We can also provide Power Only transportation for any sized trailer, box van, grinder or rolling equipment that requires a semi tractor truck or dually pickup truck to pull. The biggest concern with Power Only loads is the condition of the equipment that is being pulled. The tires, brakes, electrical system and other mechanical parts must be in good working condition for a successful Power Only load. Head of the Pack Transport has access to thousands of Power Only trucks and can match the right truck for your load in a timely and efficient manner.

We look forward to discussing your personal load requirements and have offices on the East and West Coast to facilitate your move.

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